WBJJ TV: Your Trusted Source for Local News and Entertainment in Jackson, Tennessee

WBJJ TV, a staple in the Jackson, Tennessee area for over six decades, is much more than just a local television station. It’s a trusted source for news, weather, and entertainment that keeps viewers connected to their community.

A Rich History of Storytelling

Established in 1954, WBJJ TV has been a fixture in Jacksonian households for generations. It has witnessed the city’s growth and transformation, chronicling local events and stories that resonate with viewers. Throughout the years, WBJJ TV has produced award-winning news programs, heartwarming specials, and entertaining shows that have captured the hearts and minds of its audience.

WBJJ TV’s Award-Winning News Coverage

WBJJ TV’s news team is dedicated to providing viewers with accurate, unbiased, and in-depth coverage of local stories. Their commitment to journalistic excellence has been recognized with numerous awards from regional and national broadcasting organizations.

  • Local News You Can Rely On: WBJJ TV’s news team works tirelessly to bring viewers the latest news from Jackson and surrounding areas. Their experienced reporters cover breaking news, investigative stories, weather forecasts, and community events.

  • In-Depth Reporting: WBJJ TV goes beyond the headlines, providing viewers with insightful analysis and context on the issues that matter most to them. Their special reports and investigative pieces delve deep into local concerns, giving viewers a comprehensive understanding of the stories that shape their community.

  • Severe Weather Coverage: Jackson, Tennessee is located in an area prone to severe weather events. WBJJ TV’s weather team provides viewers with timely and accurate forecasts, keeping them informed and safe during storms and other weather emergencies. Their state-of-the-art weather technology and experienced meteorologists ensure that viewers have the information they need to make informed decisions.

WBJJ TV: Local Entertainment at Its Finest

In addition to its award-winning news coverage, WBJJ TV offers a variety of local entertainment programming that caters to diverse interests.

  • Community Spotlight: This program shines a light on the people, places, and events that make Jackson such a special place. It features local businesses, artists, musicians, and organizations, giving them a platform to share their stories with the community.

  • High School Sports: WBJJ TV broadcasts live coverage of local high school sporting events, allowing parents, students, and fans to cheer on their favorite teams.

  • Classic Sitcoms and Dramas: Looking for a laugh or a dose of nostalgia? WBJJ TV airs a selection of classic sitcoms and dramas, providing viewers with a chance to unwind and enjoy some timeless entertainment.

  • Locally Produced Shows: WBJJ TV is proud to showcase locally produced programs that celebrate the unique culture and heritage of Jackson. These shows offer viewers a glimpse into the heart and soul of the community.

WBJJ TV: More Than Just Television

WBJJ TV recognizes the importance of community engagement and extends its reach beyond the television screen.

  • Social Media Presence: WBJJ TV maintains a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They use these platforms to share news updates, weather forecasts, promote upcoming events, and interact with viewers.

  • Community Events: WBJJ TV actively participates in community events throughout the year. They sponsor festivals, charity drives, and other initiatives that give back to the Jackson area.

  • WBJJ Cares: WBJJ TV is committed to giving back to the community it serves. Through their WBJJ Cares program, they partner with local organizations to support important causes and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Why Choose WBJJ TV?

WBJJ TV is more than just a television station; it’s a local institution dedicated to serving the Jackson community. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose WBJJ TV:

  • Trusted News Source: WBJJ TV is a reliable source for local news and information. Their award-winning news team provides viewers with accurate, unbiased, and in-depth coverage of the stories that matter most.

  • Commitment to Community: WBJJ TV is deeply committed to the Jackson community. They actively participate in community events, support local organizations, and give back through their WBJJ Cares program.

  • Variety of Programming: WBJJ TV offers a wide variety of programming to cater to diverse interests. From award-winning news and weather coverage to local entertainment shows and classic sitcoms, there’s something for everyone on WBJJ TV.

  • Local Focus: WBJJ TV focuses on local stories and events. They understand the importance of keeping viewers connected to their community and provide them with the information they need to stay informed and engaged.

Stay Connected with WBJJ TV

There are many ways to stay connected with WBJJ TV and get the latest news, weather, and information:

  • Tune in: Watch WBJJ TV on-air using your local cable or satellite provider. The station’s digital channel can also be accessed with an antenna.
  • WBJJ TV Website: Visit the WBJJ TV website (https://www.wbbjtv.com/) for breaking news updates, weather forecasts, live streaming of news broadcasts, and on-demand content.
  • Mobile App: Download the WBJJ TV mobile app for the latest news, weather alerts, and live streaming on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Social Media: Follow WBJJ TV on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news updates, weather alerts, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive polls and contests.

Looking for Specific Information?

WBJJ TV’s website is a comprehensive resource for local news, weather, and information. Here’s a quick guide to finding what you’re looking for:

  • News: The news section features the latest headlines, in-depth stories, investigative reports, and video reports from WBJJ TV’s news team.
  • Weather: Stay informed about current weather conditions, forecasts, and radar images.
  • Sports: Get local sports news, scores, schedules, and highlights.
  • Community Events: Find a calendar of upcoming community events in the Jackson area.
  • Contact WBJJ TV: If you have a news tip, story idea, or general inquiry, you can contact WBJJ TV through their website or social media platforms.

WBJJ TV: A Trusted Partner for Local Businesses

WBJJ TV offers a variety of advertising and marketing solutions to help local businesses reach their target audience. They understand the unique needs of local businesses and can create customized advertising campaigns that deliver results.

  • Targeted Advertising: Reach your ideal customers with targeted advertising campaigns on WBJJ TV’s various programming options.
  • Digital Marketing Solutions: WBJJ TV can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes website development, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Partner with WBJJ TV to sponsor local events, news segments, or programs. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and build goodwill within the community.


WBJJ TV is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to stay informed and connected to the Jackson, Tennessee community. With its commitment to journalistic excellence, dedication to local programming, and strong community engagement, WBJJ TV remains a trusted source for news, weather, and entertainment for generations of viewers.

Whether you’re looking for the latest news headlines, severe weather updates, or a dose of local entertainment, WBJJ TV has something for you. Tune in today and experience the WBJJ TV difference!

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