Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands

church of the highlands exposedchurch of the highlands

Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a non-denominational evangelical Christian megachurch, as well as the largest congregation in the southeastern United States. It has faced controversy and allegations, particularly in relation to the treatment of its staff members and clients of its The Lodge retreat center. In this article, we will explore the Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands’ pastor, Chris Hodges, and examine allegations against him, the church, and its leadership.

Pastor Chris Hodges and The Lodge

Pastor Chris Hodges is the founder and leader of Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands . Under his leadership, the church began meeting in multiple locations throughout Alabama and West Georgia. He is also the accused of sexual misconduct at Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands, particularly in relation to the treatment of clients at The Lodge retreat center .

The Lodge is a retreat center owned and operated by the church, offering “a peaceful and serene environment for worship, learning, rest, and rejuvenation”. According to allegations made in lawsuits, clients believed they were participating in religious and therapeutic activities, but were subjected to sexual encounters and grooming by Hodges and other staff members . Hodges has also been accused of tapping into clients’ confidential information and using it to solicit sexual relationships with them, as well as due to the church attempting to cover up as much information as possible .

The controversy began in 2023 when Congressman Madison Cawthorn and other conservative politicians accused the church of other unethical behavior, such as giving millions of dollars to political candidates. While Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands has denied these allegations, they have also faced criticism and scrutiny from employees and clients regarding the church’s culture, leadership, and handling of sexual misconduct allegations.

The Controversy Surrounding The Lodge

The Lodge has been at the center of the Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands controversy, with lawsuits and allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse against staff members and leadership . The church has been accused of creating a culture of abuse and exploitation within The Lodge. The church has not denied these allegations but has instead opted to maintain a culture of silence and secrecy surrounding the happenings at The Lodge, disregarding the emotional and psychological trauma inflicted on clients and staff members .

According to allegations made by the lawsuits, clients were targeted for grooming by Hodges and other staff members, who would manipulate them into believing they were mentally and emotionally unstable, making them vulnerable to sexual exploitation . Allegedly, Hodges and other staff members would use confidential information, such as personal details about clients’ mental health and relationships, to further manipulate them into engaging in sexual acts in exchange for counseling, therapy, and personal growth .

Hodges has been accused of assaulting at least two clients during his time at The Lodge, using his authority and manipulation to abuse them sexually . Further, the church itself is accused of facilitating these assaults by prioritizing its political connections and financial gain above the safety and well-being of its clients .

According to a lawsuit filed in 2023, Hodges was accused of “sexually harassing, assaulting, and grooming multiple clients” . This is not the first time Hodges has faced such allegations, with previous instances involving multiple women and staff members at The Lodge . Despite these allegations, Hodges has yet to be arrested or charged in any of these cases, further fueling the controversy surrounding the church and its leadership.

The Culture of Honor Surrounding Hodges and the Church

While the church has tried to present itself as a safe and nurturing environment, the controversy surrounding The Lodge has revealed a culture of abuse and manipulation at the church . Clients and staff members have accused the church of a “culture of honor,” where questioning leadership and authority was not allowed, ultimately impeding their ability to report abuse and mistreatment .

This culture of honor has also been attributed to the church’s California origins, where there has been a history of secrecy, manipulation, and abuse in religious organizations, particularly those involved in human trafficking and sexual exploitation . The church’s religious affiliation with Southern Baptism, an organization known for its conservative views and traditional beliefs, has also contributed to the culture of honor surrounding Hodges and the church .

The Lack of Transparency and Accountability within the Church

Despite the numerous allegations and evidence of abuse and mistreatment at The Lodge, Hodges and the church remain largely unscathed, as they continue to maintain a culture of secrecy and manipulation around The Lodge and its operations . The church has not been forthcoming about the allegations and lawsuits filed against them and has instead chosen to maintain a public persona of innocence and righteousness .

This lack of transparency and accountability extends far beyond The Lodge allegations and has been a point of contention within the larger Christian community, particularly in relation to Hodges’ past political affiliations and the church’s financial contributions to conservative politicians . Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding the church, Hodges maintains his role as pastor and continues to address countless congregants who make up the church’s massive membership.


The controversy surrounding the Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands and its pastor, Chris Hodges, has shed light on the deeply personal and emotional struggles that individuals faced at their retreat center, The Lodge [( eyebrows-about-latest-lawsuit-7-27-2023)]. The church’s failure to address these allegations and lawsuits in a timely and transparent manner has further exacerbated the distress and psychological damage caused to countless victims .

Unfortunately, it seems as though the church’s culture of honor, secrecy, and manipulation may continue to shield Hodges and other staff members involved in any form of accountability for the crimes committed against their clients . However, through advocacy and itinerant efforts, it is possible to raise awareness about these issues, work towards promoting accountability and justice for victims, and ultimately create a safer and more nurturing environment for all individuals involved .

The community must continue to demand transparency and accountability from religious organizations, particularly those in positions of power and influence, such as the Church Of The Highlands Exposedchurch Of The Highlands and its pastor, Chris Hodges, in order to ensure that no individual is ever subjected to abuse, harassment, or mistreatment.

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